The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) needs fundamental reform. Every year, € 57 billion – more than 40% of the EU budget – are spent without creating significant value for society.

In the future, European money should promote European public goods. This will allow us to better protect our climate and the environment, improve animal welfare and enhance economic efficiency.

This webpage is a resource for all those interested in CAP reform: politicians, civil servants, NGO activists, journalists and citizens. The aim is to foster a better understanding of what is at stake and how to shape the future CAP.

The editor is Valentin Zahrnt. He is an economist at ECIPE, the European Centre for International Political Economy.


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Expert Declaration

For an Ambitious Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy

A wake-up call for policy-makers to thoroughly reform the CAP. All European agricultural economists are invited to sign this declaration on-line.

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CAP reform in a nutshell the case for CAP reform on one page
A Common Agricultural Policy for European Public Goods 2009 declaration by leading economists
The Single Farm Paymentexcellent critique by Stefan Tangermann
Who pays for farm income support?
member states' net contributions
Key data on the CAP expenditure for the main instruments
CAP visions by reform-oriented stakeholders

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New CAP - new editor

I have quit CAP work, and economics more generally. My thanks go to all those who have followed this site and with whom I had the pleasure to collaborate in the past.

I would be glad to hand over this site to a professor who supports bold CAP reform in line with the declarations posted on this site. Please contact me via email if you are interested.

(And please do not contact me with any questions about the CAP anymore.)

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General posts


Expert knowledge and policy reform: Stephan von Cramon-Taubadel's rejoinder to Jean-Marc Boussard

Stephan von Cramon-Taubadel, Professor at the University of Göttingen, says that models are like maps: they are never entirely realistic but help us find the way. In the case of the post-2013 CAP, the reform path does not even depend on the traditional models because the main issue is not greater market orientation.

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Direct Payments in the CAP post 2013

Stefan Tangermann (2011).

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A comment on the ‘Guide to the CAP reform politics’ by Jean-Marc Boussard

Jean-Marc Boussard is a former director of the French agricultural research institute INRA and highly experienced in models of agriculture that incorporate uncertainty. Reacting to the recent ‘Guide to the CAP reform politics’, he raises important questions about what economists really know about agriculture and what kind of recommendations they can give with sufficient certainty. Readers are welcome to contribute short comments or longer responses (1-3 pages) in this debate that will be posted on this blog.

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A Guide to CAP Reform Politics: Issues, Positions and Dynamics

Valentin Zahrnt (ECIPE), 2011.

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Non-English studies

La Politique Agricole Commune : horizon 2014
Bruno Henry de Frahan et Rembert De Blander

Für eine zeitgemäße Gemeinsame Agrarpolitik (GAP)
Sachverständigenrat für Umweltfragen (SRU), 2009

EU-Agrarpolitik nach 2013
Wissenschaftlicher Beirat für Agrarpolitik, 2010