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Food security seminar

Does the EU need agricultural tariffs and subsidies to ensure its food security? The food price surges in 2007/08 and the 2010 spike in wheat prices have pushed this question into the headlines. In December 2010, the FAO food price index even exceeded its 2008 peak.

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Food Security and the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy: Facts Against Fears

Valentin Zahrnt, ECIPE (2011).

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The 2007/08 Agricultural Price Spikes: Causes and Policy Implications

UK Government, 2010

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An open trading system enhances global food security

How does the CAP affect poverty and hunger abroad? Prof. Alan Matthews observes improvements in EU policy, such as the reduction of export subsidies and tariff-free market access for least developed countries. But further steps are necessary if trade is to develop its full potential in the struggle for global food security.

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Food Security and Agricultural Mitigation in Developing Countries

FAO, 2009

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