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Economic Prosperity
the CAP distorts the economy, requires costly administration and harms European export interests
Fair Competition
differences in the levels and types of subsidies distort competition across member states
Farm Income
social policies should be targeted at the poor and not at farmers, and not be financed by the EU
Farm Income Stability
governmental income stabilization undermines farmers' self-reliance, the better way is to help poor farmers cope with the risks
Rural Development
agriculture is too narrow to promote rural growth, and rural development is not a suitable EU responsibility
the CAP does not spend enough on efficient agri-environmental programs
the CAP fails to mitigate the substantial climate effects of agriculture
Production Standards
European farmers benefit from so many advantages that they do not need compensation for stricter standards
EU Food Security
Europe could produce more food, waste less food and import more food should the need arise, so that food shortages are most unlikely
Global Food Security
the best way to fight hunger is to invest in food production and social safety systems in developing countries, not to give money to European farmers
European Integration
the CAP's waste and bureaucracy weaken public support for European integration

You can find a discussion of some further issues related to, but not at the core of, CAP reform here (food quality, GMOs, biofuels).