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Take Action!

Fundamental CAP reform will only be realized if carried by a groundswell of support across Europe. Here are some suggestions for action do to help foster change.

Easy things to do on the spot:

  • Spread the word about the Declaration and this site! You may send the link to friends, put it on your web page and mention it in your newsletter.
  • Print out the flyer that you can download here and distribute it with your other materials!

For those who want to become more involved:

  • Write in the media! You do not need to be a journalist to contribute an article in your local newspaper.
  • Participate in national and European discussion fora on the Internet!
  • Talk about it! To the parliamentarians of your constituency and anybody else!
  • Join an organization that campaigns for CAP reform!
  • Raise the issue in those federations, parties, associations etc. in which you are a member! Push your organizations to work on CAP reform – or at least to develop a position paper calling for reform.
  • Team up with other stakeholders! You might establish a platform with a joint position and maybe regular meetings.
  • Organize events on CAP reform! And invite other stakeholders to contribute.