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Assessing the Impacts of Rural Development Policies

Rural Development Impacts (2010)

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The limits of (evaluating) rural development policies

The evaluation of rural development policies has improved over the years. The current mid-term evaluation, with all member states applying the sophisticated Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (CMEF) underpinned by voluminous Commission guidelines, is another step forward. DG Agri is adding further tools to make evaluations even more productive, such as an Internet platform for all stakeholders involved in the evaluation process.

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Rural development evaluation (presentations)

Each seminar of the 'A smarter CAP debate' series provides the best available evidence on one crucial CAP reform topic from independent experts. Our first event has focused on rural development evaluation. You can find the presentations below:

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Is there anything that is not special?

Agriculture is special. It therefore deserves an outstanding dose of public subsidies. Or so we are told. But is there anything that is not special? The standard approach of CAP critics is analytical: debunking erroneous claims for subsidies. The problem is that rational argument goes only that far. So the idea is to try something else: making up far-fetched cases in favor of subsidizing non-agricultural sectors. Their resemblance to some pro-CAP arguments would show the latter’s absurdity. The alternative is to look at non-agricultural regions: cities' claim to special treatment give a real-world set of arguments that is hard to match.

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Scenar 2020-II – Update of scenario study on agriculture and the rural world

Nowicki, P. et. al., 2010

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Provision of public goods through agriculture in the European Union

IEEP, 2009

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Rural Development Investments: Do they Effectively Address the Problems of Rural Areas?

European Court of Auditors, 2006

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