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Alternative Allocation Keys for EU CAP Funding

Cao, Y., Elliott, J., Moxey, A. and Zahrnt V. (2010).

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Should the UK squeeze the EU budget or lead Europe?

Promoting a more liberal and competitive Europe would gain the UK more than only focusing on cuts to the budget.

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French environment ministry for green CAP!

The French Ministry for the Environment has spectacularly broken ranks with the Ministry of Agriculture by publishing its own vision ‘For a sustainable agricultural policy in 2013’. The 17-page document does not beat about the bush: it calls for a radical overhaul and gives numbers.

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Commission conclusions on EU budget review: The door for serious CAP reform remains open

On October 19, the European Commission has finally released its conclusions on the budget review originally due for 2008/09. It compares poorly to the draft document that leaked quite exactly one year earlier.

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Which member states pay for the waste of public money?

The closer that CAP reform negotiations come to the finish line, the more will member states look at their financial bottom line. ‘How much do we pay, how much do we get?’ That question will concern finance ministers and heads of states at least as much as the objectives and instruments the CAP funds are spent on. Here are some interesting calculations.

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Estimating the Scale of Future Environmental Land Management Requirements for the UK

ADAS and SAC, 2009

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Distribution and targeting of the CAP budget from a biodiversity perspective

European Environment Agency, 2009

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Co-financing of public goods

Many argue that we should first agree on the objectives of the future CAP, then select the most suitable policy instruments, and talk about financing only at the very end. But financing issues cannot be delayed in the political debate - the Commission’s leaked budget review conclusions mention that ‘a larger responsibility of current CAP spending could be assigned to the Member States, or direct aid could be co-financed by national contributions’. This contribution submits four theses on co-financing, that is, the sharing of subsidy costs between the EU and the Member States.

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The waste of tax payers money

The waste of tax payers money

Michael JägerTax payers should not be forced to subsidize airlines that declare their in-flight meals as food exports. Nor should they have to finance economically absurd live cattle exports that are irreconcilable with animal welfare. Michael Jäger, Secretary General of the Tax Payers Association of Europe (TAE), gives his opinions on the CAP.

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A Study on EU Spending

ECORYS Nederland BV, Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) and Institute for Economic Research (IFO), 2009

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