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Direct Payments in the CAP post 2013

Stefan Tangermann (2011).

Note for the European Parliament:

"The Communication identifies crucial challenges, above all the need for EU agriculture to provide public goods. However, only limited changes to the CAP are proposed. Rather than making a determined move towards targeted measures, direct payments are supposed to continue forming the backbone of the support regime. The “greening component” cannot really improve the targeting of payments. Redistribution of payments across Member States may or may not enhance equity and will not improve the provision of public goods."

"Thus it must be said that the “greening” component is not a compelling way of achieving a better targeting of support through direct payments, contrary to what the Communication suggests. Pillar 2 of the CAP, allowing for a much higher degree of policy differentiation across Member States and regions is a more convincing home for targeted policies, promising better efficiency in the delivery of public goods."

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